St. Joseph's School, Greater Noida

At The B.L International School, a lot of emphasis is laid on the complete development of the body, mind and spirit. Students are exposed to classical dance forms from an early age. The B.L International School, Bareilly recognises the importance of a well-rounded education that extends beyond the classroom. Students at the School are therefore encouraged to pursue a wide range of intellectual, sporting and social activities. They participate in various inter-school activities such as elocution, debates, science exhibitions, creative writing and the arts. Students also participate in volleyball and boxing competitions.

Faculty Development Programme

We believe in keeping our faculty upto date with the latest technology available in the market therefore each faculty member takes up research projects and regular Teacher Training Programme.

Personality Development Classes

B.L International School feels a definite need of personality development classes and has included a regular period in the curriculum of each class . Areas which are emphasized are character building, improving English communication skills, correcting body language improving social presentation and enhancing confidence levels.

Student Exchange Programmes

Various programme will be taken at higher level and students will visit inter state to take up various research projects and learn their language and culture



Value Education Classes

To develop the high spirit, to build character and to enable one to work towards knowledge of positive thinking and self realization.



Art Gallery

To teach modern art designing culture aimingto impart professionalism in that direction with special emphsis on fashion designing .



Career Shaping Centre

We help the students to shape their career according to their respective talent thereby first time envolving the concept of finishing school in Rohilkhand.


Talent Hunt Programmes & Seminars

They play an important role in child's overall development ranging from interaction to personality building there by boosting self confidence.


Celebration of Weeks

The school takes up celebration of vaious weeks with different themes like grooming up week, cleanliness week social interaction week, health week, technology week etc. To promote vibrant school environment.


Games & Sports

School organizes multiple trac and field athletic evnet as well as major tournaments, volley ball tournament, lwn tennis tournament, to promote physically well being of students.


Cultural Activities

Multifarious activities like Drama, Debates, Speeches, Craft Work, Quiz Competitions are organized regularly to engage and develop eager minds.



Extra Activities

Students are encourage to participate in various activities like- Skating, Western and Classical Dance, Yoga, Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Fashion and Creative Arts, Graphic and Animation fairs etc. To boost their hidden talent.



Picnic Trips

Experinced planner ensure that learning is fun on such excursions.